10 of the Finest Historic Hotels in Great Britain

Two castle hotels, a country house hotel and a coaching inn are among those featured in our recent guest feature for Visit Britain.

Meaning ‘stream of the nightingale’ Nanteos is a perfect Georgian mansion in an area of Wales where the lines between folklore and documented history blur quite unlike anywhere else. From near ruin, the mansion underwent a remarkable transformation to become the masterpiece that it is today.

Middlethorpe Hall is a fine example of a house built during William III and Mary II’s reign (1689-1702). Located just 2 miles from the medieval city of York, Middlethorpe still reflects the days when it hosted some of England’s aristocratic elite.

Just a short hop from the city of Edinburgh is Dalhousie Castle. Privy to some of the pivotal moments in Scottish history its rooms are themed to reflect the personalities that have become blended into the castle lore.

10 of the Finest Historic Hotels in Great Britain:

1. Abbotsford’s Hope Scott Wing
2. Dalhousie Castle 
The Milestone Hotel
Luton Hoo Hotel 
5. Langley Castle
Seckford Hall
7. Nanteos Mansion
8. The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa
9. Middlethorpe Hall
10. The Spread Eagle Hotel 

SOURCE: Visit Britain blog



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