Year of Adventure: Wales 2016

Adventure means different things to different people; it may be a cultural adventure, an adrenaline dumping activity, a food and drink experience you never imagined or escaping into the natural surroundings of a place. Such is the confidence of the diminutive country of Wales to deliver on all these fronts, that it has themed 2016 as its ‘year of Adventure’.

The cultural heritage of any people is invariably linked to the natural history of that region. Although I live in a bustling town, my frequent trips to the countryside and National Parks, often instil in me the fantasy of a superior communion with nature over that of my fellow urbanites. 

So we gave some buddies a call and arranged some quality time exploring the coast along the Gower and the gorges in Neath Valley to remind us exactly why Wales is such a fantastic place to visit and to live. We hope you enjoy these videos and in case anybody is wondering, the water was about 4 degrees Centigrade in the gorge and a relatively barmy 15 degrees in the sea!

Adventure is all around you and is what you make it but rarely can it be found in so many forms and in such proximity. If these videos whet your appetite sufficiently to make the pilgrimage across into Wales, then you will find the locals more than willing to extend a strong welcome from the hillside in Europe’s wild Pagan west.

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