If you are bracing yourself to pop the question, the mere thought of it could be giving you butterflies. ‘What if they say no?’ is the one thing you must try not to think about! Luckily there are ways to reduce the odds and the easiest one (other than being your loving, caring self) is to give some careful thought as to where you’d like to do it. In other words, the location matters. So, here are some recommendations on romantic places to propose:

A natural beauty spot: It may not seem like it if you work in the compact surroundings of a city, but Britain actually has a lot of breathing spaces. In fact, we are still very much a green and pleasant land blessed with a great variety of landscapes. While the top of a mountain in Cumbria, Wales or Scotland might seem a romantic place to propose to the one you love, mountains are often quite hostile places! A far more amorous place is the Cotswolds with its rolling limestone hills and stone built villages. If the Cotswolds is a bit of journey for you then there are plenty of other areas of beauty spread across Britain, from the serene Scottish Borders to the stunning Welsh coastline and the picturesque Chiltern hills, you won’t be short on choice.

A city landmark: OK, this can go one of two ways! Proposing at the Eiffel Tower won’t get you any points for originality and ultimately, you want to try and make the occasion memorable for its uniqueness rather than a cliché. Britain is blessed with a range of historic gardens and country houses and many of these would make for a perfectly suitable backdrop to the occasion.

A place personal to you: In terms of romance this will take some beating, especially given that there will always be a special nostalgia associated with the place in question that will evoke a special feeling personal between you and your partner that will always be unique.

To put the seal on what will hopefully be the answer you want to hear, you can of course book one of our ‘history collection’ hotels for a full experience that will make for a truly memorable couple of days. Our featured historic hotels provide a beautiful and original backdrop to your proposal - making them truly some of the most romantic places to propose. It really is the extra things that say ‘I love you’ that makes the difference.  

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