Taking time to consider the recent past can help us to make more informed decisions about the future. In the same vein gaining a deeper understanding of history can result in a greater appreciation for the present.

My blog www.BritishHistoryBreaks.com invites you to immerse yourself in history, with stories of historic events and characters connected to luxury places to stay in the UK, including medieval castles, luxury country houses and immaculately restored historic hotels. 

Stephen R. Covey once wrote “The picture created in the heart and mind by a story is worth ten thousand words”. Immersing yourself in the birthplace of an incredible story from history is likely to become a story to remember and one you will want to retell.

I understand that people are time limited, so for anyone interested in history and looking for a cultural break, I have done the hard work for you, visiting every hotel to ensure it meets a certain standard and meeting with the owners and managers to find the most interesting story about the place that's worth retelling.

I have profiled the historical characters connected to the hotels, including quotes and interesting facts about them, such as monarchs' King Edward I, (connected to Bodygallen Hall, Dalhousie Castle, Plas Dinas Country House & Ruthin Castle) artists such as Percy Shelley (connected to Glandyfi Castle) and architects such as Sir Christopher Wren, with links to Middlethorpe Hall.

I have begun to retell historic events connected to the hotels too, such as The Battle of Crecy (connected to Langley Castle) Wars such as The English Civil War (connected to Ruthin Castle) and periods of great change such as The Industrial Revolution (connected to Peckforton Castle and Glandyfi Castle).

Explore the site to learn about the historic and authentic stories behind luxury accommodation in the UK.

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