Celtic Monuments to visit in Britain 

Celtic MonumentThe term ‘Celtic Britain’ is a fairly all-encompassing one that could refer to archaeological remains, art and jewellery, linguistics or even general references to the modern Celtic nations of IrelandScotland and Wales. That England also has a strong Celtic past is often overlooked and frequently forgotten. Yet some of the most famous Celtic figures, such as Boudicca and Caradog (Caratacus) would have lived in what is now England. With this in mind we have decided to list some of our favourite Celtic sites in modern Britain. As you may expect, most are remote and far from large urban centres, yet this relative isolation has ensured that they have survived intact incredibly well! 

1. St Winefred’s Well – Holywell, North Wales

The ‘Lourdes of Wales’ has an ancient history having been associated with many a Welsh legend and in particular with the Knights of King Arthur. It became one of Britain’s most popular pilgrimage sites in the 7th century AD, following the martyrdom and miraculous revival of ST Winefred. 

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2. Uffington Castle & White Horse – Wiltshire, England

While the ‘castle’ itself resembles many other impressive concentric hillforts in Britain, the area is famous for the giant chalk horse that was cut into the hillside some 3,000 years ago. Both oversee the ancient ridgeway path that runs between Dorset and the Wash. 

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3. Butser Ancient Farm – Hampshire, England

Originally built upon the foundations of a Celtic village, the farmstead is an open-air museum and the site of experimental archaeology that has revolutionised the way we understand the Iron Age in Britain. It has since inspired similar projects across Britain. 

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4. Broch of Mousa – Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Built by the Picts, an ethno-linguistic Celtic people who lived in Scotland, the Broch is a large and complex roundhouse unique to Scotland and Ireland. This one at Mousa is perhaps the best preserved. 

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5. Maiden Castle – Dorset, England

This incredible hillfort has a genuinely ancient history and reached its zenith while under the watch of the Celtic Durotriges tribe. During this time Maiden Castle reached mammoth proportions, covering an area equivalent to 50 football pitches and included a complex series of ramparts and defences, most of which still survive. 

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