Whether or not you are follower of Christianity, the Easter holidays mark a significant turning point in the year. Closely bound to the Spring Equinox, the days become longer than the night, the sun rises higher in the sky and farmers get ready for harvest. Its associations with rebirth are obvious and transcend countless cultures and traditions.

Writing in the 8th century, Saint Bede noted in his ‘Ecclesiastical History of the English People’, that Anglo-Saxon pagans celebrated the month named for the pagan goddess Eostre. A goddess of fertility and coming prosperity, it is Eostre whose name is still worshipped at the spring equinox; only now, the name has evolved into ‘Easter’ and it celebrates Jesus, the son who rose from the dead just like the sun that rises each year in the sky.

The old ways are often visible in modern practises if only we know where to look. They give us a greater appreciation of the world we have inherited from our ancestors. So this Easter why not spend your holiday surrounded by culture and tradition. It will make for a memorable Easter and if you have put yourself through lent, then you can safely say you have earned your right to a little luxury!

British History Breaks offers exclusive packages for guests who appreciate both luxury and history, in some of the finest locations in the UK. A British History Breaks two night luxury stay alongside the River Windrush at the charming Old Swan & Minster Mill in the Cotswolds, costs £530 based on two adults sharing. This package includes a Minster Lovell history book upon arrival, a three course dinner on one evening, a full English breakfast each morning plus a luxury three course picnic hamper with wine to enjoy in the gardens for lunch or dinner. 

Alternatively, you can enjoy the beautiful Suffolk countryside like our Anglo-Saxon ancestors before us. A large Principal Double Room at Hintlesham Hall can be yours for £219 per night based on two sharing. This includes a full English breakfast, a traditional cream tea upon arrival (two scones per person with cream, preserves and a pot of tea) plus a copy of Hintlesham Hall – The House and Associates (Standard room only price – £279.00).

Browse the stories behind luxury accommodation in the UK and be inspired to plan something special this Easter.

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