The Milestone Hotel

Any hotel overlooking Kensington Palace and parklands needs to be something a little bit special and fortuitously, The Milestone is just such a hotel. Its Victorian neo-Gothic architecture of ‘pink brick and buff terracotta’ and opulent interior means it serves its location well but it is the service that really sets The Milestone Hotel apart as its myriad of awards can testify.

The staff here love to exceed their guest's expectations and in a city like London where anything is possible, that is no mean feat.

History of The Milestone Hotel

The hotel takes its name from the adjacent cast-iron milestone which marks the old turnpike in the road and it is a choice of name entirely appropriate. Just as the milestone itself is a Victorian replacement of a far more ancient one, The Milestone Hotel of no.1 Kensington Court is a Victorian building occupying a site of greater antiquity. This history includes two Kensington houses that some of London’s most colourful characters once called home...Read More

Colourful Characters from The Milestone Hotel's History

1. The first Kensington House was called home by a fascinating roll-call of distinguished residents. One such owner was Lady Susan Belayse, a Protestant widow who became the mistress of the lustful Catholic King James II (much to the dismay of his brother, Charles II!) One can well imagine the stories that Lady Susan would have shared with her friends at dinner parties of her sacrilegious fling with the eschewed playboy King...Read More